Apr 1, 2011

BMW Connected hitting 1 Series cars first, lets you tweet your disregard for speed limits

BMW Connected hitting 1 Series cars first, will let you Tweet your disregard for speed limits
The BMW Connected app has been available for a few months now. We knew cars supporting the feature would be coming in March, and now we know which ones will be first: BMW's svelte little 1 Series. To enable the streaming radio and even streaming video (when the car is stationary) on the dash-mounted display you'll need to tick the box next to a €150 (about $205) option. In your suitably equipped car you can then get your Facebook and Twitter feeds read to you and even provide automated responses using "vehicle information such as current speed, outside temperature or navigation destination." We're hoping the car can apply some flowery language to such hard data, like "bat out of hell" for those particularly warm days in which you're driving at a high rate of speed from an unpleasant point of origin.
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