Mar 8, 2011

iPhone 5 To Feature Antenna Integrated Into Logo?

The single biggest gripe with the iPhone 4 was undoutedly the antenna problems it has suffered. With that in mind a rumour circulating today has it that Apple may be considering a different design for the iPhone 5.

Taiwanese newspaper Economic Daily News (how many of you thought I was about to say DigiTimes?) is citing anonymous sources (are they ever not anonymous?) as saying that the iPhone 5 could feature a milled aluminium back with the antenna as part of the Apple logo. Not a million miles from the WiFi only version of the original iPad.

It's certainly conceivable that the hub bub over antennagate has forced Apple to consider how it approaches the antenna in future iterations of the iPhone, but at the moment this is just speculation. However, it's speculation that comes with a rather spiffy mock-up!

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