Mar 3, 2011

iPhone 5 Panel Suggests 4-inch Screen?

The iPhone 5 is due to be announced this summer, at least that's the expectation amongst geeks and tech bloggers alike, and of course the rumour mill is starting to ramp up ahead of that expected announcement. One of the most persistent rumours has been that the next generation iPhone will feature a new, larger, screen than previous models. A recent picture leaked onto the interwebz would seem to confirm that as it shows what is said to be the new front facing panel of the handset. Going by the picture the iPhone 5 should have a 4 inch screen.
However, a bigger screen doesn't necessitate a bigger handset. Looking at the picture the bezel surrounding the screen is thinner than in the current models so it seems to be a case of optimizing the available space within the current handset dimensions.
A larger screen would keep the iPhone's screen competitive, in terms of size if nothing else, with other smartphones, which now regularly sport at least a 4 inch screen, if not larger.

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