Mar 9, 2011

Geeksphone Zero to sell for €189, pre-orders starting soon?

Geeksphone made a minor splash back in '09 with the introduction of the Geeksphone One, an Android slider that came out at a time when Android sliders (and really, Android phones in general) were still a tad on the rare side -- and it was all happening by way of an unknown independent European firm, to boot. Well, they're coming back for round two with the Zero, said to be launching soon -- and Android France looks to have a jump on pricing and specs. The phone's clearly on the low end of the range (Geeksphone says it's saving the flagship horsepower for the yet-to-be-introduced Two) with a 600MHz processor, 256MB of RAM, a 3.2-inch HVGA display, though it gets brownie points for a 5 megapixel autofocus cam and Gingerbread out of the box. Pricing looks aggressive, too: the site claims we'll see it for €189 ($265), though early buyers will get a €179 ($251) special and previous owners of the One will get it for €168 ($236). Pre-orders will allegedly kick off within a couple weeks.

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