Mar 15, 2011

BMW reveals all-new 2012 6-Series

The third generation of BMW’s somewhat controversial 6-Series Coupe is finally here as the German automaker has taken wraps off of the all-new 2012 650i Coupe.
BMW’s previous two attempts at the 6-Series models drew a fair amount of criticism, with many flat out calling the vehicles ugly. But the new 6-Series is truly new, with purposeful, bold lines that convey a sense of sport and finesse simultaneously.
While the changes to the sheet metal are in a sense quite simplistic, and unarguably not far from those found on the latest 3-Series Coupe, the changes appear to be exactly what this coupe needed to convey the sporty characteristics that are hiding beneath the sheet metal. Hit read more for details and pictures.
Let’s talk power
In terms of powertrain, look for a 4.4-liter V8 cranking out 400 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque, thanks largely to a pair of turochargers located in the “valley” of the V8 engine itself. Depending on your preference, the 650i Coupe can be had with your choice of an eight-speed “Sport”automatic transmission, or a six-speed do-it-yourself transmission for those seeking a bit more connection with their BMW Coupe.
Thanks to the healthy dose of get up and go coming from this twin turbocharged V8, the 650i Coupe can scoot from a stop to 60 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds, regardless of transmission choice. For those seeking to push the limits, 155 miles per hour is where the 650i will call it quits.
Transmission technical details
It’s no secret Americans love their automatic transmissions, sadly, even in coupes sporting 400 horsepower, so BMW says it created a new eight-speed Sport Automatic transmission that aimed to blend speed, flexibility, sportiness and of course, efficiency. BMW points to its minimal torque converter slip and rapid gear changes as the transmissions’ stronger features, but don’t forget the now commonplace paddle located behind the steering wheel as well.
Hop inside
The interior of the 6-Series Coupe is nothing short of breathtaking. BMW spared nothing in both design and materials for this 2+2 seater, creating a very unique and daring cockpit that is sure to set itself apart from the traditional black and gray-laden interiors typically found in the class. The 6-Series’ pricing has always made the coupe a bit of an exclusive item, and now this latest interior design will help BMW to even further set itself apart from the competition.
As BMW likes to do, the latest 650i has a very driver oriented cockpit, and one will find the central section of the instrument cluster, the iDrive central display, air vents and audio controls all angled towards the driver for ease of use.
A key feature of the interior is what BMW is calling an “industry leading” head-up display. The Head-Up Display is not found on any other car in the segment, and helps drivers to keep their eyes on the road by displaying important information on the inside of the windshield. The latest system boasts three-dimensional images and a higher resolution than the outgoing model.
Where the Head-Up Display really earns the cool points is with the BMW Night Vision system, which help drivers identify objects on even the worst lit back roads.
Don’t forget about BMW ConnectedDrive
Packed to the gills with technology is the 650i, including many technologies that fall into the ConnectedDrive system. The Driver Assistance Package will add automatic high beams, lane departure warning, active blind spot detection, rear and top view cameras, parking assistant and the aforementioned Head-Up Display.
Looking ahead with LEDs
LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are a popular new type of light which are often praised for their incredibly low power consumption and long service life. For the 2012 650i, BMW has employed adaptive Xenon headlights as standard which help give the car a truly unique appearance.
If you are one to load up your new car purchases, then the Adaptive LED Headlights are likely for you, which feature both a low and high beam, and feature LED light rings that function as both parking lights and daytime running lamps. BMW says the LED headlights exhibit a bright white light that is much closer to natural sunlight than conventional halogen bulbs, or even xenon headlamps.
The end result is a light pattern and color that gives drivers in the 650i unprecedented vision during driving situations that don’t enjoy the added benefit of sunlight.
I would like to see more, please
Want to see more? The 650i has you covered thanks to Rear-view, Top View and Side View cameras. The cameras are part of the Park Distance Control system, which utilizes ultrasonic sensors in order to determine the distance between the car and other objects either in front of, or behind the car. In conjunction with the audible warning from the sensors, BMW also fitted a rear-view camera in the trunklid, allowing the driver to see exactly what is approaching from behind the vehicle while reversing.
The optional Top View system with Side View utilizes fish-eye camera lenses mounted in the side mirrors, along with computer help, which then in turn creates a bird’s eye view image of the vehicles’ surroundings. This system, says BMW, is great for improving visibility during low speed maneuvers under 10 mph.
Less is more
It’s no secret that less weight equals better performance in cars, and BMW has taken that knowledge to heart with its newly developed lightweight seats which feature an integrated seatbelt system and 20-way adjustability. If that isn’t enough to tickle your fancy, the optional Luxury Seating Package will add ventilated front seats with active fatigue reduction.
It has “German” engineered safety, right?

German luxury cars are known for for their soft and supple leather seats, but owners of luxury cars have also come to appreciate the suites of safety technologies found in the latest German luxury models – the 650i is no exception. Expect to find standard front and head-thorax side airbags built into the seats, as well as an alphabet soup collection of safety technologies ranging from ABS (Anti-lock Brakes), to DST (Dynamic Stability Control), to DTC (Dynamic Traction Control), CBC (Cornering Brake Control), DBC (Dynamic Brake Control) and plenty more.
When can I get mine, and for how much?
While BMW has spilled the beans on most specifications of the car, we don’t yet have any pricing, fuel economy ratings or crash testing results, all of which BMW promises to provide as we get closer to the on-sale date in fall 2011.

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