Feb 2, 2011


Volkswagen’s 313-mpg XL1 concept car, which debuted last week at the Qatar Motor Show in the Middle East, might look futuristic, but a VW executive has hinted that the vehicle could reach limited production. Hit read more for details.

According to Cardasiac, a VW executive said that a “small series” limited to perhaps just 100 vehicles will be produced at the automaker’s plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. The source says that the models could reach drivers in Europe, China and the United States.
It seems unlikely that the XL1 would be capable of meeting global safety standards, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see the model be offered as a fleet-only lease vehicle for trial purposes – not unlike the MINI E or the GM EV1.
Look for a more firm answer to come at the XL1′s European debut at the Geneva Motor Show in early March.

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