Feb 27, 2011

Videos: Microsoft's Future Of The Interface

Windows Phone 7 doesn't even have copy/paste (yet), but Microsoft are looking ahead to future features and admittedly they do look pretty awesome.

It's not just specifically Windows Phone 7, but computing in general, but of course with advances in interface technology the ever present smartphone becomes part of that. So, for example, you see someone taking a picture and then putting the phone down on a surface to instantly transfer that picture (like the Pre 3 does at the moment it should be said). Hit read more for the video of the smartphone interface!

The second video is a bit more smartphone specific where we see a smartphone being used to control a user's personal information as presented in a bubble like interface. The smartphone is tilted around to navigate through the various options. It's perhaps a bit difficult to convey this in writing so just watch the video ok?

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