Feb 14, 2011

Nokia Spends More On R&D Than Anyone Else

The regular reader will know of my love affair with all things statistical and infographical so it should come as no surprise that I scour the web for interesting data sets. Today I found the graph below:
It's a breakdown of the R&D spend from some of the world's biggest mobile manufacturers. Now that would be interesting in and of itself, but look at Nokia's position on the chart, it's way way way out in front of all the rest. In 2010 Nokia spent over $4 billion on R&D. The closest anyone else got was Samsung with £ billion, a full billion less than the Finns.
The most obvious question to ask in response to this graph is where the hell this money is going? Nokia hasn't exactly been setting the world alight recently with its products so just what is it doing with all that R&D money? Let's hope that it's not being sunk into Symbian, but rather something that actually has a shot of creating some real buzz and excitement for Nokia.
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