Jan 23, 2011


The global economy may still be on some rocky ground, but a dramatic increase in demand for luxury vehicles in the United States and China has BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi factories running at full capacity. In fact, all three German automakers will be expanding their operations in 2011. Hit read more for details.
“The top three are poised for further growth,” Juergen Pieper, a Frankfurt-based analyst with Bankhaus Metzler, told Automotive News. “The momentum in luxury markets will continue this year and also in 2012. It’s a necessity for manufacturers to take steps to address this.” 

BMW is calling for record sales of more than 1.5 million vehicles in 2011. The German automaker invested $750 million in its Spartanburg, S.C. plant last year to produce the X3 SUV, and is spending another 400 million euros to update its plant in Leipzig.
Mercedes-Benz, meanwhile, is also expecting record sales in 2011. Mercedes set a sales record in 2007 with 1.29 million cars sold, but is calling for even greater sales in 2011.
Although still trailing BMW and Mercedes, Audi expects to sell more than 1.15 million vehicles in 2011. Audi has the fastest growing sales of the three, and hopes to unseat BMW as the world’s largest premium automaker by 2015. To aid in that goal, Audi will invest $15.7 billion in plants and new models by 2015.

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